Lister Helps Doctors, Nurses and Midwives Organise & Prioritise Clinical Tasks.

To Provide Outstanding Hospital Care.

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Create your task-lists, organize workload, and collaborate on completing tasks – all in one place.

Stay Fully Organized Without the Burden of Paper Lists.

Lister helps you simplify your work-life with an easy-to-use app designed to record and prioritise clinical tasks. Designed for clinicians by clinicians, this app helps you stay on top of the day’s to-dos and share tasks with your group with the click of a button.

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Save 100s of Precious Hours A Year

Medical professionals spend between 30-60 minutes a day planning, organising or searching for documents. Now, thanks to Lister you no longer have to search through a pile of documents for handover sheets or prepare task lists by hand. Instantly record and access clinical tasks and requirements with a click of a button or voice recognition.

Experience Greater Clarity & Carry Out Care With Confidence.

End the lingering worry of missing tasks. Lister’s specially designed filter tools and reminders allow you to free up mental capacity, end lingering worries about unchecked tasks, and reduce unnecessary cognitive stress. Finish every shift with the confidence of knowing you’re on top of your responsibilities, and fully prepared for the days (or nights!) ahead.

Ensure Quality

Ensure Quality of Care

Losing track of tasks between clinicians can result in diminished care for patients and can be stressful. Understandably, given the pressure subjected under heavy workloads and at times, hectic environments, missed or delayed tasks can happen far too easily. That’s why Lister aims to be a seamless digital platform, heavily focused on optimised task management functionalities, tailored uniquely to different clinical groups.

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Smart Automatic Recommendations

Lister’s future rollout will also include smart AI generated recommendations for your task lists.

This means fewer decisions to make, and more time to spend on the critical matters that require your attention.

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